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Thick foam only comes out of the tap

I am a new to kegging and my first batch is a German lager. Rather than hurrying it I had it at 12PSI for about 10 days. I hooked up the out line and get nothing but thick foam and CO2 and not much comes into the line. Also see some bubbles in the line. I pulled the pressure relief valve to see if that would help and beer came out of it and also started to leak from the lid. It stopped leaking out and I checked all the connections with soapy water and nothing is leaking. Could the keg be over carbonated with it only set at 12PSI. Could it be the out side post and poppit or a gasket?

What temperature is your fridge set to?

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Are you sure you have the lines connected to the correct posts? Sounds like gas on liquid and liquid on gas post to me. Either that or you’re way over carbed.

38 degrees

Post are on the correct sides. Could it be I got the dip tubes reversed? It sounds like when co2 is released ion keg that it is under the beer.

Yup that would do it too.

Yep, check the dip tubes. Injecting gas at the bottom of the keg could result in foam coming out of the PRV like you’ve described.

Would the best way to do this is pull from frig and release the pressure with the relief valve. Don’t want a foaming beer bomb and a lost batch all over the floor. As stated above when pulling the valve beer came out with the released CO2.

Disconnect the CO2 and leave it sit for a while before slowly purging via the PRV - maybe even over night. That should settle things down enough to be able to remove the posts without it foaming all over the place.

Are you using an upright fridge or chest freezer? If an upright, you’ll probably have to remove it from the fridge anyway because you likely won’t have the clearance to remove the liquid dip tube without spilling beer everywhere.

I’d just disconnect the gas line, cover the lid with a towel and burp the prv a few times until it settles enough to release…but then I’m not the most patient guy in the world either…haha. You only have so much space in there for gas and you just need to release a little pressure.

Will take out and leave at room temp over night and then take apart and see if I reversed the tubes or look for anything else such as a bad o-ring

I’m also impatient like @dannyboy58, so you could follow his advice, then pull the lid and feel or look inside the keg under the gas post. It will be immediately evident if the liquid dip tube is on that side. Saves time and keeps things cold.

Release the pressure pull the gas side post pull out the tube quickly if it’s the short one drop it back down and put on the post. If you have them wrong just work quickly and you’ll only lose a bit of foam. You could have just over filled the keg

So the gas dip tube should be above the beer level?

Thanks guys. I had reversed the dip tubes and had them on the wrong side. Hopefully this will correct things and nothing else is wrong. I am almost afraid to hook up the bev line. :Possibly it is carbonated and will be enjoying some tonight.


You have ball locks? …Well that won’t change the wrong dip tube in the wrong dip spot…:joy: Its OK… I would say we’ve all had some problems too… I had ball locks and fought with them… now with pin locks… its easy peasy… Sneezles61


You need to leave some head space

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On a positive note…your beer is ready to drink. Enjoy!

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