Thermostat controlled light bulb heater(pictures inside)

Hello All,

I currently use a Honeywell CT33 thermostat to control a fan in my fermentation chamber. Its basically this setup:

The inside wiring of this thermostat looks like this:

Now that winter is upon us. I need some way to use this thermostat to control the heater I built which is this simple light bulb in a paint can:

Now, my question is, which terminals on the thermostat do I connect the power cable leads to from the paint can heater so that when I switch the thermostat to the heat option, it will turn on and off the paint can heater based on the thermostat level I set?

Thank you for your help with this!

I found the solution to my problem with the help of some folks on another forum. In case anyone is interested Ill post my findings here as well.

My current thermostat is a low voltage type so hooking up a 120VAC powered light bulb to it simply will not work.

I am going to buy one of these simple thermostats to do what I need: ... 1BYDTUK2Z5

You could also get a transformer and simple duty relay if you would like to continue to use the same t-stat.

This looks like a cool idea. (Forgive the pun)
Besides the fan what do you use to cool the air that the fan blows in?
Also, can you post the manufacture and part number for the new T-Stat you got. I can’t get the link to work.