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Thermometer height on keggle

I am wanting to install a Blichmann thermometer on an AB keg. Will be doing 5 gallon batches. At what height should I drill the hole ? My 3 piece ballhead is centered at 3.75 inches from the outside bottom. I would prefer to have it directly above the ballhead if possible. Thanks for your input.

Fill your keg with 5 gals. water, and install below that level. On an AB keg the first rib is about 5 gals…

Thanks for the advice Mike. I ended up putting the themometer to the side of the ball valve in order to cover the 5 gallons plus of wort. Now I think I may need a heat shield for the thermometer and even the ball valve. Anyone have ideas on DIY heat shields. Thanks

I don’t use one on any of mine. As long as the flame isn’t rolling around the bottom, it should be fine.

Heat shields came up awhile back, you might try searching.

Glad the height worked out. :cheers:

Unless you put the valve/thermometer directly above a hole in the skirt, you don’t need a heat shield.

I agree that’s a good ROT.

While cleaning my BK ten minutes ago, I noticed the ball valve is an inch above a hole.
I didn’t put it there intentionally, just got lucky. :wink:

Regardless, I’ve never needed a heat shield. The skirt does a good job.

I use a beer can that I have cut up for a heat shield for my ball valve.

Mash tun, or boil kettle?

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