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Thermapen Sale is back

Thermapen Sale is back. It’s a valuable brewing tool. Get em while you can!

Still pretty happy with the Alpha Grillers thermometer I purchased for BBQ on Amazon for about $13. Haven’t used it for brewing but I don’t see any reason not to. I have a scientific traceable thermometer if I want to get technical the the dial thermometers on my system are very close to it so I don’t use anything but them usually.

Has anyone tried a non-contact laser type thermometer? I see them for as low as $11 on Amazon with 4.5 stars.

The infrared thermometers don’t work that great with steam in your way, and you have to change the emissivity setting for different surfaces you’re measuring, but they are pretty fun.

Steam makes sense. I did not think of that. Does look like a cool toy for the small amount but we don’t need many more “things” to find a space for.

The “laser beam” thermometers are great for teasing the cat. :laughing:

^^ you better watch it! Theres a Brew Cat here, I would think he aint much fer chasing stuff, unlesn’ its edible!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just my story with thermoworks… I bought 2 old fashioned ones… Well, one crapped the bed, I contacted them, sent it back. It was a manufacturing defect… Fixed and returned… No charge… ALSO, as I watch my temp while brewing, I have an RTD also in my kettle and the two are within a degree or two… And last but not least, I use the other one for cooking on the charcoal grill… Following the temps for meat… I’ve not had such wonderfully cooked meat! I will always recommend them! ( disclaimer… this aint paid fer by them!) Sneezles61

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