Thermapen open box sale.

Everybody talks about the quality and accuracy of these thermometers. I received an e-mail that they are having an open box sale( reconditioned?) and they are 69.00. I guess I should have waited two months to get mine, but I don’t regret the purchase. If you google thermpen you should get the Co. web site.


One of the best purchased I have made.

I love mine.

that is all.

Come on, if you’re gonna post it, at least post a link!

Fine, I’ll go do a search, even though I already have a thermopen. They’re great.

EDIT: seems to be farce. Can’t find it. Any sale for $69 I found was a year ago.

I didn’t want to step on our host’s toes so if I get banned here it is.

This is a public forum, dawg. It’s not like you’re advertising for Midwest or Austin Homebrew shop. Relax. Can’t put all your eggs in one basket!

And, by the way, on there is says they’re $89. Don’t see the sale anywhere.

Sorry, I got it in an e-mail this morning. Maybe just something from people who had made a prior purchase from them. E-mail already deleted. Again I apologize.

Here ya go ... _2013.html

One the best purchases I’ve made.

Oh I gone and done it.

Tickled Pink!! :smiley:

They run the open box sale 3-4 times a year and still offer the full warranty on them. Regardless of if you get in on one of the sales or have to pay full price, a Thermapen is one of the best purchases that you will make.

I’ve alway’s wanted to get one, so I finally splurged.

I picked red as my color choice because I think it will be slighter more accurate than the other colors.

I had been thinking about a Thermapen for two years. I ordered one with the protective boot.

Resurrecting this old thread because the black Friday (and Cyber Monday!)sales on Thermo pen are pretty good. The standard Thermo pen is about $59 and the Thermo pen one is $69.

I bought a purple one, well, just because.
And I didn’t see the infamous union jack Thermo pen.


Even the lollipop are great tools!!

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It’s a thing of beauty….:grinning:

Now to get started on planning up a brew so I can use this thing.

By the way, happy new year!!

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What a very nice gift!
Happy New Year to you all too!

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