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The taste is

I just need to comment. It really seems that many brews I’ve tasted have a soap kinda taste in the back ground. Am I defective or?.. Sneezles61

I used to call all Belgian and wheat beers soapy tasting… I tend to associate them with funky infections, so maybe?

I would think mouth feel should not taste soapy :frowning: at least not like the soap i tasted as a younger man :innocent:

I was of the thinking of wheats as… like the way soft water makes your skin slippery, it makes my tongue slippery… And to Uncdeo, me too, I used words that my mother would grab me by the ear and use a fresh bar of soap to rinse it out… Numerous times! Thats how I know, there are brews that leave that soapy taste in my mouth… OR could my mother have screwed up my taste buds back then? Eh? Sneezles61

Yours? Or commercial beers?

Nooo not mine, some from our local brewery, other brews from well known bigger guys… its just seems to be all around, not all, maybe most? Sneezles61

Could it be a bit of diaceytl and you remember this from your Mother’s artisan soaps?

I had 2 local brews, a fresh squeezed from O’dells. Its some what there, all in different glassware. Now a Rye IPA from angry minnow. I must be damaged… I am putting this out there to see what, if any of you get this… Water and treatment at breweries? Hops? Sneezles61

My mom would squirt dish soap in my mouth. I preferred that to a bar of soap someone just washed their you know what with. Never had a beer that tasted like that.

Its an after taste. Not whilst you drink it. Finish your brew and wait… Sneezles61

OK I finished

Maybe you need you rinse your glass better

Your brew or someone else? Sneezles61

@sneezles61 I have the same experience from a Black Rye I recently made. The first couple days in the keg, the taste (soapy) was non-existent and it almost reminded me of a stout. Now that it has set in the keg for more than a week I get less stout flavor and more soapy taste. Not sure if this is oxidation related or what.

Good input… I somewhat wonder about what is used to adjust the pH … Sneezles61

I just did some research…looks like possible over carbonation in my beer might be giving me a carbonic acid bitterness. I only have my serving pressure at 10-11psi . I didn’t think that is too carbonated…

I read something once about soapy flavors in beer that sat in the fermenter too long. I don’t remember if it was an autolysis thing or sitting on trub for an extended period. May have been How to Brew.


He said it was a bunch of different store bought. Thats what happens when you brew your own. Everything else tastes crappy. You get spoiled


I wonder about it sitting too long, too. Sneezles61

You would think the beer from local micros would not be sitting any longer than necessary. They need to move it or go broke.

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