The story of Uncle Tonys Lager

@loopie_beer asked so here’s the story. Back in 56 my father dragged us from the Bronx ( my mother kicking an screaming) to live “upstate” year round at his bungalow in a lake community. My mom was better after the indoor plumbing was installed. Anyway my father’s friends would visit on weekends to swim and drink beer. If your from the Bronx a y or ie was always added to your name. So there was Tony Ralphie Richie Eddie and also an Antony. Preceded the name was Uncle their wives Aunty. Never thought it odd until I realized my dad was an only child. Ralphie worked at a brewery and supplied all the dented cans of beer. Antony was a cop he suppled the fireworks. Wasn’t polite to ask how i was informed. They always drank beer out of a glass and that special aroma was what actually got me into brewing. Uncle Tonys is a nod to that time in my life its a pre pro 6-row a touch of Vienna and of course corn flakes. The key is the cluster and mittelfrue hops


Cool story! Even better that you worked it into a beer!

So now its Brew Kitt(y)…?

No brewsky

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Great story @brew_cat . I actually also had an uncle Tony. Tony Pafundi (SP?) He wore plaid shorts in the summer probably 40 years before they were cool. Anytime my folks saw someone wearing them they called them Tony Pafundi shorts. I still do.


When were plaid shorts cool?

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I never thought so. Maybe I should have said a fad.

On the Isle of Bermuda?