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The story of my stout... time to bottle?

Hi All,

I have a dry irish stout, extract.
OG 1042
dry yeast 04
quick ferment at about 65*
FG after 2 weeks 1020.

after 3.5 weeks in primary, g=1016
tried yeast energizer, but when I swirled it, it all stuck to the sides of the carboy.

now in secondary, (I transferred a bit of the yeast too).

it’s been 4.5 weeks now total, gravity still at 1016, at about 66-68*

time to bottle?
will I gain anything by leaving in secondary at this point?


It should be fine to bottle now. As long as your FG checks out to being where you want it I don’t see any issue. Personally I let this kit secondary for about a month but it’s your beer and you know what your going for.


actually, I don’t know what I am looking for… first time making this kit, and one of my first dark beers.

I am fine with keeping in secondary for a month if you think it really improves the beer.
maybe I’ll do that.

thanks for tip

For a moth long secondary I usually added some sort of flavoring agent to the secondary such as a vanilla bean, bourbon soaked chips, cherry, coffee beans etc. with about a week or two to go. I did brew this kit straight up and let it sit for a month to let the flavors develop a bit more. It came out with a flavor profile similar to guiness…clean, dry (hence the name) and somewhat roasty but not a full a body as guiness.

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