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The Stasis - Fermenter Temperature Control

I’m considering backing this kickstarter campaign which has already met its funding needs.
It’s just a scaled down version of every other glycol chiller from what I can tell. But at a price and size I find appealing.

This is coming from the makers of the Catalyst Fermentation System

Well they are fully backed now and accepting no more backers. Shipping in Nov apparently.

I looked into it simply to see what it was about. Do you know how many fermenters it can handle at once?

From the video it appears to be 2 fermenters only. The circa $800 price is in a range I could convince my wife.

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A very neat idea. It’s definitely trying to trigger my Gear Acquisition Syndrome

From a technology perspective, there’s nothing super ground-breaking, meaning I don’t think it’s bullsh*t. It’s a small chiller like an office water cooler or dorm-fridge would use, mated to a computer water-cooling rig, (which often use glycol) mated to an immersion chiller & thermostat. I think one of the things that mark a great invention is when you see it and think, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that!”

From a practicality standpoint, I would stick with the chest freezer and temp override. You can get both brand-new for a third of the cost. The chest keeps the beer in the dark, and provides a CO2 blanket, and a safe, easy to clean space in the event of inadvertent blow-off.

I also question the device’s noise level.

I would have a chest freezer conversion if I wasn’t living in a 1000 sq ft apartment with 3 other people and no garage. This is definitely targeted towards people like me with limited space.

I recently bought this chiller.. I need to keg some beer so I can move the fermenters and platform they sit on before I can put it into service.

It is a little bigger than the product above but it allows service to 5 fermenters.

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that looks pretty nice what how do you like it?

Hey @squeegeethree looks like you got your power back

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Haven’t got to use it yet. Been really busy and need to rework things. I’m hoping to put it into service within the next couple weeks.

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Give us a report when you do

How about now @loopie_beer? Did you use it?

Not yet! :unamused: been busy with both of my jobs and my son. Ordered glycol and it was “damaged” in transit. Hopefully my new shipment will arrive soon and I’ll be able to get it running.

Finally got around to installing it. I discovered that one of my pumps was smoked so I need to replace it. But that’s easy by popping the top off and placing it in the reservoir. Now I just need to get time to use it. I will say it was dropping the temps quickly and was very quiet.
Edited to add: its holding steady at 27° and doesn’t seem to cycle that often.
Here’s some pics:


Was watching nice gizmo. They dont show what kind of coil goes into a glass carboy.

I’ll bet in a traditional style glass carboy, it’s merely a SS straight tubing… And it probably works, but not as efficient as the coil they show with their proprietary fermenter… Actually looks like a very nice setup…
Time to do some daydreaming… :roll_eyes: Sneezles61

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