The skinny on Denny's 1450

I’ve only used 1450 once before and it was good but it was weird as far as it’s activity.
First time I used LHBS yeast and made a small starter. This time I used washed yeast and I made a 2000 ml starter for a 1.069 beer. Usually my yeast starters are beasts, go crazy and are easy to see activity for 3-4 days.
But both times, the 1450 starts anemic, and isn’t that volatile and visible activity is only 2 days. Now it’s too early for me to care enough to check gravity but is this what I should be seeing?

I use this one alot. My starters are very active and fast. My primaries are rather active and even occasionally volcanic (even with very good temp control).

I suspect your batch o yeast has probelms.


A less than “volcanic” fermentation doesn’t mean your yeast has problems. A nice even slightly active fermentation is desired. A “volcanic” fermentation is a sign of high fermentation temps and can lead to off flavors.

With all do respect, Vulkin, you’re going to worry Beer-lord about his beer for little or no reason. I’ve used 1450 several times and never had an extremely vigorous fermentation. All the beers came out great. I do ferment at the bottom end of the recommended temp. What temperature did you ferment at?

I agree with dobe12. I run 1450 under 65, more like 62, and get steady but not volcanic fermentation.

Thanks for the reply but as for worried, “Relax, Don’t worry, have a homebrew”, I’m not worried, but after all my years of brewing, the yeast portion is my kryptonite. I know less about yeast and what’s needed than anything at all but for 2012, I hit a milestone. EVERY beer I brewed was great and had no problems that made it bad.

Anyway, it is a very even fermentation but my temps are always within range and don’t vary much. 1450 is to be between 60 and 70 degrees, I pitched at 66 and it’s at 64 now so that’s pretty even.
It will ferment like this for 3 weeks total and a day or two before, I’ll take readings to be sure.

You could pick up Chris White’s Yeast book to learn more about yeast. It’s a bit technical sometimes (or some people claim not technical enough depending on how much you know) but I got it and skimmed through the parts I found useful. It’s handy to have around. In fact the only reasoning I’m mentioning it to you is because I have it sitting in front of me because I just used it as a reference for another post.

[quote=“Beerlord”]1450 is to be between 60 and 70 degrees, I pitched at 66 and it’s at 64 now so that’s pretty even.

Yeah, that’s what Wyeast says…personally, I prefer to keep it on the lower end. I never pitch above 62. But that’s my preference…find your own.

UM volcanos can still occure so be ready with a blow off. I pitch and hold temp at between 62-64 (as measured on side of fermentor with all the provisos that has). On smallish to middle weight beers no worries. For middle heavy weight to heavy weight beers I get blow of. I suppose I could say regardless of temp but I havent held below 62 degrees. I have been cautios to run much lower than this as I stalled a batch that I let drop into the 50’s.