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The Plinian Legacy Double IPA?

Just wondering if anyone has brewed The Plinian Legacy Double IPA and what their reviews were… I’m looking to brew a big hoppy IPA with a high ABV next and I was trying to decide between this one and the 115th Dream Hopbursted IPA. My main point of debate is that the 115th doesn’t incorporate dry hopping and The Plinian does. Not sure how much of a difference this makes in the finished beer though as I’m a new home brewer.

Thoughts or suggestions?

The plinian legacy is fairly new so I doubt there are any reviews. It is in homage to pliny the elder and if its even remotely close it will be excellent.
Dry hopping adds great aroma to a PA or IPA. IMO you can’t make one without the dry hopping.

I’ll say that the 115th dream extract kit is probably the best beer I’ve made. I haven’t tried the Pliny clone, so no comment there. I don’t think you will go wrong either way.

You might want to run this one by Wil Wheaton to be sure. :mrgreen:

Oh No! You di’int!

I made the 115th last October and still have about half the batch left. I had some process issues with mine and it still tastes delicious, albeit a bit flat due to bottle carb issues. I let it sit in a cooler (in case of bottle bombs) in my dining room for a full 6 weeks to get it to carb. About half my batch carbed up nicely, the rest are sadly rather flat.

Also, word of caution, I had about 4-5" of hop residue on the bottom of my boil kettle and about 3-4" of sediment at the bottom of my primary carboy from this one. Yes a full lb of hops is a TON in a 5 gallon batch haha. Also, I have started using whirlfloc, which would have greatly helped with clarity on this recipe, mine turned out quite cloudy.

I just ordered the Plinian Legacy for my next brew. It will be kegged and I have very high hopes for it. It will be my first attempt at a hop stand and double dry hopping so I’m pretty excited to give it a shot. For a true comparison I should make another batch of 115th and keg it. :stuck_out_tongue:


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