The Luckiest Man Pale Ale

Brewing this kit this evening in memory of my friend that succumbed to ALS almost 3 yrs ago. What a miserable way to go. Left behind a sweet wife and 3 young kids. I’m impressed with Northern Brewer for coming up with this beer and donating to ALS research. Good for them.

Sorry to hear about your friend. Good on northern brewer for helping the cause. Cheers to the memory of your friend.

Sorry about your friend. I had a step uncle die of ALS recently as well. Very sad. He was about the nicest person I’ve ever met. Good on Northern Brewer for doing this.
I hope that will be the best beer you’ve ever brewed :slight_smile:

I don’t do kits but I’m inspired by your post to maybe do some kits for a cause. Sorry for your loss brother.

Thanks for the sentiments, guys. I’m acually pretty excited about this beer. The hop aroma in my fermentaion fridge is pretty awesome. I wonder if they’ll give these experimental hops a real name at some point.

Here’s a follow-up…
Tapped the keg the other day. An amazing BPA. The hops are more fruity and citrus than woodsy. Goes great with the notes form the Belgian yeast I used. A great beer and I don’t see it lasting very long.