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The Long Trail Ale

Well I brewed this about 5 weeks ago and have it on tap and I’m not feeling it. I mean it’s drinkable but it’s not really what I wanted. Long Trail is generally pretty clean and poundable. I pulled the recipe from a magazine and I was Leary about the London ale yeast it called for. The recipe and the yeast screamed ESB although they call it an Altbier. So I dropped some 1968 ESB yeast and fermented cool. A) it won’t clear B) it’s yeasty. It also called for 10% crystal 80L and some chocolate malt which is high for my taste so it could be that or the yeast mutated it was an older slurry that I’m going to dump the yeast probably end up bottling the beer for a rainy day after it drops the yeast. I think a bit less crystal and a clean ale yeast or even a lager yeast.

Huh. Got me googling as I have time to kill as a late work afternoon but a gap now. I found a recipe that used WLP036, “Dusseldorf Alt yeast”, but otherwise sounded identical, both Chocolate malt and Crystal 80 present.

I used 1968 for a couple of ESBs. Never really cared for the result. Doesn’t flocc well as you noted and just seems a bit on the funky side for my taste. Hard to describe since it’s been a couple of years but the ESB I have on tap now, fermented with London Ale yeast, is much cleaner and more drinkable for me.

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I used the 1968 before and enjoyed the results and they cleared. I’m leaning towards the 80L it’s to much I think back it down to closer to 5% . Retired the 1968 I think it’s possible tired

Well, if the reading I read gives me a clue… Isn’t the Bretta…&*%@ some of the desired traits from the English yeast? If so… Maybe now the Brett has nudged the Cervasiea(ale) yeast to passenger position in the car? Another way to think about it… Sneezles61

I wouldn’t call it Bret but it does give it kind of a fruity taste. Now back to the crystal. How much do you guys use? Looking through my favorite recipes I rarely go over 5% and don’t use anything darker than 60L. My lagers don’t get any crystal. Now I know to trust my instincts.

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I too just made an ESB with 1968 and it will not clear. @sneezles61 not sure where you read its a brett strain but it isn’t.

Funny thing is wyeast claims it clears in a couple days. Maybe they packaged the wrong yeast because WE aren’t getting clear beer.

i use 11% c40 in my ESB. I used c60 a few times in the past and didn’t like it as much. Only had c40 around this time. Funny thing is I’ve been using 9% c40 in my IPAs and feel like it’s too much…

Now that you mention it I kinda liked the 68 for the first few batches…

Wasn’t calling it a Brett… But, Brett got its name by way of Britain… Maybe a couple of Brett bugs got in there at the yeast laboratory…
One of my dark ESB’s has quite a bit of C-120… 1 pound per 5… Yes, its got alot of mouth feel… Not a bad brew. Sneezles61

I’m swearing off the dark stuff.

Clean, light and refreshing brews? Sours? Sneezles61

Actually clearing up a bit. I guess it would pass as an ESB but it’s supposed to be an Altbier. At some time I’ll tweak this. Get rid of the 80L and use a higher flock yeast

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I’d be quaffing that brew with you anytime … When would you want company? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sneezles61

I heard Long Trail uses the European Ale Yeast (WLP011) for their alt. It’s a low attenuating German Ale yeast. I personally don’t really care for Long Trail Ale. It’s too sweet.

Maybe that’s it. The sweetness from the 11% crystal malt. Yea I was never a big fan of the commercial stuff myself but many times I’ll take a beer with potential and brew it then work it to my liking. I’m looking for a lager like ale to work into my rotation. Figured a altbier would be a good place to start.

A low attenuating yeast with that much crystal probably not going to help this beer. I’m dropping out some of the crystal malt so it may work better.

You might want to look into Wyeast 1007 German Ale if you’re looking to brew an alt. I always get good attenuation with that yeast and it’s perfect for an alt.


I used 1007 a few times for “mocktoberfest”. Turned out really good. some people couldn’t tell the difference between the ale and the real oktoberfest.

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IF you can get your hands on whites 009 Australian ale… Another wonderful option. Sneezles61

Just an update on this beer. It’s getting better into the middle of this keg funny how that happens. People seem to like it I tell them it’s an ESB. Not as good as my ESB IMO but easily drinkable. I’m going to try that wy1007. I have one more lager to go then I may do the series again using that ale yeast.

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