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The last straw with the Last Straw

I am going to try this beer gun one last time . Every time I use this thing I waste about 10 - 15% of the beer. Now I see they have an accessory to this gun. I am guessing they had a lot of complaints. Does anyone have any advice when using this gun? I know I paid $100 for it but right now it’s more trouble than it’s worth.



What seems to be the problem?

Yeah hard to help with that diagnosis. I’ve used the Blichmann Beer Gun (different, but same platform) for years without issue.

Sorry for the late reply. Just too much foam so I am wasting beer just filling up the bottle. Setting the keg to 8 psi when filling. They make it look easy on the video however some of the reviewers have the same problem I do.


Are you chilling the bottles and the liquid lines before use?

I have chilled the bottles in the frig but my garage was also pretty warm. Maybe I should put them in the freezer. I see where they have a foam free cap accessory but I find it odd that in their video they have no foam issue and the bottles look like they are at room temp. Not once in the video do they mention chilling bottles. I really don’t think I’m being too whiny here. After all, I did pay $100 and followed the instructions and watched the video to insure that I was doing it correctly.


Try reducing the pressure… start with just a trickle, then adjust up… When it starts foaming reduce pressure just a bump… Sneezles61

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^^^^This. same with filling growlers, low and easy does it.

Isnt the last straw designed to bottle at serving pressure?

Certainly could be… But when theres too much foam… reduce the pressure and go from there… Sneezles61

I shouldn’t have to reduce pressure. I should be able to replicate what the instructional video says to do. I appreciate the advice but I feel like this product was misrepresented. For instance, in the Last Straw video they say that the beer is at full pressure after filling. Just can and you are done. But they also have an accessory cap that touts that with the cap you won’t lose any pressure. Well I thought when I bought the Last Straw I wouldn’t lose any pressure. LOL. Wonder how many takes it took in that video to get it right?

I realize that… yet, you put up 100 bucks… I would do what I could to make this work… I’m not one to be put so neatly in a box and told this and this only… I do my best to keep things simple… Sneezles61

Well in the end you are right. I’m either going to make some tweaks to make it work or I’ve spent $100 for nothing. But I will say this. Sometimes when you buy a product and I’m not finger pointing at Northern Brewer but am making this statement in general, I think that in the past decade with all the online shopping taking place instead of brick-and-mortar shopping, more and more products are just not as advertised. That’s just the truth. A lot of people would say that I’m whining but let me ask you this. If you bought a brand new cell phone which advertised that it had three hours of battery time when it really only had 10 minutes and a friend of yours said hey just keep it plugged in to the wall and your battery will never run down. Yeah that would be true but that doesn’t necessarily make it right. I think I’m going to stand behind this one and say that this product does not work as advertised otherwise they never would have come out with the cap accessory. Thanks again for your advice.


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I agree with your sentiment but you also need to remember that each system setup is different. It could very well be your gauge is inaccurate at that low of a setting. Just saying we don’t live in a “perfect world” setting.

8psi is awfully high. Lower it to 5psi and see what happens. It won’t be that much slower.

As someone else mentioned chill the bottles. I actually put them in 12pks and freeze them. This way you can take 12 out and fill them while the remainder are still chilled.

You are using the long line for liquid, right? Make sure you chill the line too before using. Also, make sure the tubing isn’t getting kinked or anything during filling.

Hopefully you can get this working correctly. I can understand the frustration with paying for something that doesn’t work.

@brentconn - I use the Last Straw for bottling, and rarely have problems with foaming. I fill at 8psi, which is also my serving pressure. The only time I’ve had foaming problems are with highly carbonated beers. I also purchased the Foamless Finish accessory for counter pressure filling. I only use that for bottles I send to competitions, or those highly carbonated beers.

It’s possible your gas valve is leaking just enough to cause foaming. Submerge the tip in some water or sanitizer and watch for bubbles.

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