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The Homebrewer's Garden - DandyLion

Well I got a couple books for X-mas and been thumbing though them…has anyone ever brewed the DandyLion recipe in this book or something similar? Should I plan on just straight drain cleaner or is it worth the experiment? I guess that would be a Specialty beer entry Bjcp - 23.

Your thoughts?



can you post the recipe? Doesn’t seem like anyone has the book. I would worry less about the category and more about whether it will taste good.

Something like this:

5.0 lb Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt
1.0 lb Sugar in the RawAny
1.0 lb Victory® Malt Briess
0.75 lb Bairds Crystal Pale
0.5 lb Aromatic

Amount Hop Time Use Form AA
1.0 oz Cascade 15 min Boil Pellet 5.0%
2.0 oz Mt. Hood 2 min Boil Leaf 4.5%

Denny’s Fav 50 - Wyeast 1450


Amount Name Time Use
1.0 Lb Dandelions 60.0 min Boil

Mash steps

Step Heat Source Target Temp Time
Saccharification Rest Infusion 152.0 °F 60 min
Predicted Stats

Batch Size 5.0 gal Boil Time60 minEfficiency75.0%
1.048 OG 1.014 FG 12 IBU 4.4% ABV 11 SRM 0.25 IBU/OG

Ok now you have me curious. At least to the point where I googled it.

Looks like a lot of breweries are brewing with these. I dunno though, looks like a long time to boil dandelions. I don’t recall the specific bitterness of dandelions (or dandelion greens, which are more common in food), but I would think that they are somewhere in the realm of arugala, so you might get some bitterness from them.

I would almost be more worried about a pound of vegetal matter in my boil for an hour. However, when using other herbs (gale, yarrow, mugwort, etc), or whole (wet) hops, I believe you need a good amount of them.

Brew it and let us know how it tastes, but please don’t pick them from your lawn after TruGreen comes to your house. Though I suppose there are worse chemicals sprayed on hops!

I can’t help you with the brewing portion, but I had a dandelion ipa from stone at there farm and it was pretty good. From what I remember I don’t think I would have guessed it had dandelions if I did t know. I think they impart mostly bitterness.

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