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The everlasting krausen!

Brewed an IPA 13 days ago using Wyeast 1272 (Optimum temp: 60°-72° F). Its been a steady 63* the whole time and the krausen has been hanging there since the 2nd day. I was hoping to transfer into a secondary tomorrow morning, but have never seen this before.

I missed NB closing time by 5mins, so I had to get the kit at Midwest Supplies:

What should I do??? Thanks everyone.

Give it a little swirl and see if it drops is one option, cool it down is an other, or you could rack out from under the top. Are you sure it’s done. I mean at two weeks it should be, but never hurts to be sure. D@mn, an IPA sounds good now!!!

At this point I’m thinking I’ll just rack under that mess and transfer into a secondary for a week or so. It HAS been two weeks after all @ optimal temp…

i would check the gravity before racking, you wouldn’t want to rack it too early. don’t be afraid to leave it longer than 2 weeks. Lots of us around here don’t use secondarys and instead leave it in the primary for longer

Yeah man, just let it roll how it wants. Beer has a mind of its own and if you try to force it to obey your rules… just let it sit. Golden rule in brewing - when in doubt - wait it out!

hmmm… that’s good advise. I’m having doubts. Perhaps I need to remind myself to be cool…

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