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The Craftsman Saison

I’m tempted to try this recipe

Anyone brew anything like it ?

Looks good. Don’t be afraid to let let the fermenation temperature to free rise

Interesting hop choice for sure. Seems like it would be a pretty dank dry pilsner which just may appeal to me…

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Yeh, the NB hops got my attention.

Not about the hops in a saison

Looks fine. The Northern brewer will give it that traditional noble hop quality. I woul replace the Vienna with something more interesting but that’s just me

Look like a nice, simple Saison recipe. I saved it.

I’ll prolly sub Munich for the Vienna and Cara, sub more pils for the wheat and follow the hop schedule. It’s what I’ve got on hand.

I really like a bit of wheat in my beers

Don’t have any. Not going out for any. LHBS is two hours away.

Wort tasted really good. No worries about the NB hops.

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Nice I’m going to try this one out soon.

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