The Brew room is done!

Finally finished my brew room and it’s up and running.

Nice…very nice! :cheers:

Oh…My…Gosh! That’s awesome! Where does the band play?

Holy … cow. That is just great. Nice job.

Very nice. You’ve set the bar high. I’d feel embarrassed to show off my setup after seeing this :oops:

Wow…Very nice !

Very nice, would hate to see all the receipts associated with that :lol:

That room looks amazing. Nicely done! How long did that take from start to finish?

I am available for adoption !

Awesome! Do you work for beer?

That’s something else! Looks like a scaled down brewpub. Great job.

wow, great job! Where is that, basement? I could live in there

Makes me want to go electric

I have no words to describe how I feel about that…

WOW! that is really SAWEEEET! I think I need a moment to compose myself. Nice work.

Absolutely beautiful. So when do we come over?

Don’t ever make the mistake of posting your address!

Very awesome. I hope you like hosting, because people won’t leave a situation like that.
Great work

Whole thing is fantastic. I have to say, I think my favorite part might be the wood of the bar top. Beautiful.

Beauty at it’s finest. Job well done sir!


This was a section of our unfinished basement so I had pretty much a clan slate. I started in Dec. and had everything done about mid Feb. I did all the work myself nights and weekends. It was a fun project. I own a custom cabinet company (selfish plug) and the cabinets took the Longest. Working all day on everyone else’s cabinets makes it hard to get motivated to work on my own cabinets.
I am thankful that I have the wife that I do. She supports my hobbies/habits that seem to go out of control sometimes.