That moment when

That moment when you open a beer after 8 days in the bottle… And it’s just perfect. Belgian wit, 5#pils, 5#flaked wheat, 18 IBU saaz. 1oz coriander, 1oz bitter orange peel @ flameout. Wlp400. Maybe a touch too much spice, but otherwise delicious! Love the foam you get from lots of wheat.


Was just thinking of my wit! 75° today in the Bus, OH. Woulda been a perfect day for it.

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That’s a beautiful thing. I have a wit planned three brews out. Gotta use up the grains I’ve got and get a sack of wheat.

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What size batch was it. I’m confused by the recipe. Is flacked wheat fermentable?

Sorry, 5.5 gallons. Flaked wheat is raw and won’t convert on its own, but the pils has enough diastatic power to convert it together. 50% flaked wheat is pushing it, though. My efficiency suffered, so I might drop it to 40% next time.

Half of this batch was bottled straight, half went into a 3 gallon carboy with jolly pumpkin calabaza dregs.

Looks good. I bet the half with the jolly pumKin dregs will be awesome in a year too.

I usually get pretty quick turn-around with Jolly Pumpkin dregs, like 2-3 months to have stable gravity when pitching dregs in secondary. Hoping to have something ready for the heat of summer!

+1 to Jolly dregs. I would guess its primarily Brett B, as most of their beers are pretty clean.

Try hanging onto a bottle for 12 months or so - they get wicked sour! I’ve never noticed one go ropy, but I can’t imagine how you get that without pedio as well. But yeah, within a few months of buying a bottle they’re pretty clean.

I was talking to one of their brewers last fall at a festival - really laid back, and no hesitation to share information about their beers! Apparently they maintain separate barrels for each of their beer styles, so there’s slightly different cultures between Oro, La Roja, etc. I’ve always enjoyed the variation you get from one style to another, although there’s definitely a JP character to all of them.

interesting, I didn’t get much when we had someone mule us a case of mixed/rarer 750’s when they drove out to MI, but my brewing partner/guy I split them with did keep them in his beer fridge as opposed to the cellar for the year+ that we drank them

Back on topic: this thread has me jacked to brew a wit (I brew a version of Doc Lothamers, which is one of my favorite beers that I brew). Includes zest of about 5 different citrus fruits per 5G, along with chamomile tea leaves. Need to get our helles in the tank then can schedule the wit brewday

That sounds awesome! Would you mind posting the recipe? Thinking about making a second run with the yeast in a few weeks.

Do you remember any of the JP 750s you had?

Yes post the recipe please. I’m looking to jack mine up, last year I used 1.5 oz of lemon/orange zest and could notice it but thought it could use a tad more. I used camomile tea bags because that’s what I had. The yeast I used safale 33 didn’t cut it. I used Coriander seed also.

I would have to dig it up, but if you go over to the Brewing Network, its the Jamil Show (from a few years back) where Doc guest hosts it.

Its a gigantic pain to brew (the steps/decoctions are key), but it is worth it.