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Thank you forum members!

Just wanted to say thank you to all the helpful people on this forum who have shared their wealth of experience with all us newbies. I have been brewing for about a year and a half now, and have been on this forum reading nearly everyday for 9 months, I haven’t posted much, I have just spent my time learning as much as possible. I say these things because I had a brief scare last night and from what i have learned here i think i fixed it with no real issue.’

A few weeks ago I brewed the Cherry stout NB kit and planned on re-using the slurry from that kit for an Imperial Stout. I brewed the Imperial Stout last night and when i went to rack the Cherry stout into a secondary there were lots of very bad smells, it was extremely astringent and almost soapy smelling with a similar flavor. there were no visible nasty floaty things so i went with the classic RDWHAHB and secondaried it anyway, just in case it ends up being fine. I did not want to put my imperial stout at risk though, that’s 50 dollars and 6 months to find out if it would be safe! So, using what i have learned here I quickly cleaned and sanitized the fermenter and grabbed some bottles of saved yeast cake from my fridge. Using Mr. Malty (which i would not have know about except for you folks here) I made sure I had enough yeast, then made a mini 1.040 starter solution to wake the little beasties back up before pitching this morning.

So, I will find out if it all worked here in a few weeks i guess, but you guys gave my the confidence and the tools i needed to hopefully fix a bad situation. It also put into perspective how much i love this damn hobby. Instead of being pitched with s-33 Safale Ale yeast this big ol’ beer is getting munched by Wyeast 1332 NW ale, and either way its still going to make beer!

Sorry for the long post, Thanks again forum members! I love this hobby!

That was some quick goat thinking. Sounds like you handled things like a champ. Hope your Imperial Stout turns out well!

So, uh, yeah, what’s “RDWHAHB”? Heh.

Nevermind, should’ve googled it first…carry on! :wink:

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