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Testing my electric elements

Used my stove (to save propane) and went from my hot water faucet temp to 170 in super quick time with 1500w element.

You can see the water boiling around the element.

I need to decide on aquarium sealant or epoxy to seal the elements inside their elbow fittings.

Those wires look scary! Where is the ground?

There is no ground. :?

I wanted to test them out and make sure they work before I seal them for all eternity with two-part epoxy. I’m having trouble deciding how to connect the ground wire to the chrome elbow… the second heatstick page I saw (has a ton of photos, step by step) noted to drill a hole in the elbow, attach a bolt/nut, then attach the ground.

Other pages recommend just “squeezing” the ground wire unto the top of the elbow where the plastic extension tubing attaches. I think I’m going to try to ask my friend to weld it.

You can scratch the surface inside the chrome tube and solder it on and epoxy over it, then the epoxy will hold on the solder if it decides to fall off when heated.

It’s super important to have a ground and GFCI outlet, otherwise you risk electrocution. And no amount of savings will pay if you die.

When you use epoxy, make sure you use non conducting. You’re really risking a lot with the heat sticks if you don’t make/use them correctly.

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