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Terms Of Forum Use

Terms Of Forum Use

The Northern Brewer Forum is a free forum provided by Northern Brewer for the discussion and sharing of ideas related to brewing. The forum is for first time brewers and brewers who have enjoyed this hobby for many years. A few common sense guides will make this resource enjoyable to all.

Post in the most appropriate category for your topic. Posts that do no have a category selected are not found in a search.

Post your topic once in a single category. Replies to a topic posted in multiple categories will not have continuity if persons replying to the post can not see all the replies.

Make the topic title descriptive. The word “Help” does not mean much to forum users. The phrase “My bottled beer is flat” will be descriptive of the posts content.

Treat everyone with respect. A reply to a post with such as “Try a search” or “That has been discussed before” is not respectful.

It is okay to disagree with someone if it is done with respect and in a friendly manner. All of our posts or replies to a post should encourage participation in the forum.

Vulgar language, images, or links to such are not allowed. Misspelling a vulgar term does not make it less offensive.

Posting of kickstarters, fundraisers, raffles, giveaways, product promotions, etc. can only be authorized by the Administrator.

A Moderator may edit your post if it does not follow the guides. The Moderator will PM you the reason of the editing. A flagrant violation of these guides could result in a suspension from the forum or being permanently banned. A Moderators decision is final.

More on using our forum Here.

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