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Temperature probe problems

This morning I stuck an 11.7lb Boston Butt in our Masterbuild electric smoker. I know on the dial about where 225° is and sure enough the dial thermometer on the door landed just over 225 shortly after.

I also have a Thermo Pro digital probe thermometer with two probes. I stuck both in different spots on the meat and set both to pork. It alarms at 160° After about an hour one goes off, the other shortly after. A butt that big should be taking almost an entire day at 225.

What do you guys figure is up with that? I don’t like opening the door too much because it loses all the heat so I will just use my trusty hand held digital thermometer to check t later.

That needs some attention… I’d open the lid/door… What IF that thing is on high heat? You’ll be looking to see whats gone awry…
Batteries good in your Thermo Pro?

Tried a new battery first and even tested it with my VOM. The door thermometer has been reliable. I’ll report back with what is up.

I’m curious how did yer cook out end up?

Alcohol got involved. Forgot about about the smoker. Let’s say it is done :unamused: It will be fine mixed with our hometown BBQ sauce Sensuous Slathering Sauce | Dinosaur Bar-B-Que The price is way high but we can buy larger plastic jugs a BJs

I saw a very cool gizmo last night… It is for cold smoking… The owner was doing cheese… OMG. it is sooo good…
Its a tube… about 2" in diameter… About 8" long… it was made out of perforated stainless steel, and had octangal end caps… which were remove-able. You’d put wood pellets in it, while it was standing up, get the pellets going…
then you lay it down in your grill… cold smoke simple…
The cheese was laying on parchment paper… It was turned every hour…

I’m, thinking about buying a new wireless temp probe that will let me know when the meat is at it’s desired temp. Price doesn’t matter at this point. I do see reviews that the Bluetooth ones that connect to your phone are not as good as the ones with a hand held receiver.

Id go to Thermo works… I like the 3 gizmo’s I have…
I like to verify my standard, local bought, convenient, disposable stuff with them… Then… even check them to each other… The Thermo Works stuff agree with each other… The “other” stuff is different… enough to be labeled as… inaccurate… Thats my findings…

Turned out OK in the long run.

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You should check -ve and +ve leads are correct and cable type.
Check for local Sometimes local heat sources affecting your readings.
Check the setup of your temperature controller/readout. There are some thermocouple models can match RTD accuracy. The many factors that can affect sensor accuracy include linearity, repeatability or stability.

That was 10 months ago. Since the two probes read vastly different at room temp I tossed the thermometer. The door thermometer seems reasonably accurate so I go with the time and check it with my handheld digital probe thermometer when I think it should be done.

Since this is a homebrew forum and you have included a non homebrew link please share with us your brewing experience.

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perhaps, yer txting a robot Mark?

Thought I would give him/her/it a chance to respond before giving them the boot.

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I am not bot guys, I’ll take care from now on. Thank you!

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