Temperature increase during fermentation

Hi - First time posting. I’m just getting back into homebrewing after a hiatus but I’m still very much a beginner. I brewed the Kama Citra extract kit this weekend. I had a yeast starter going for about 48 hrs of the Wyeast 1272 and pitched it into cooled mid 60’s wort. Ambient temperature was 70 degrees but I found the fermenter was reading 75 degrees during fermentation, which I know is not ideal – I had forgotten the yeast activity increases the temperature and didn’t expect that much of a change.

I hadn’t seen any airlock activity for a day, so I decided to take a reading. Original gravity was 1.050 and it’s now 1.010. Is this finished fermenting already? I’m not sure what the final gravity should be but this seems close to the target. It’s been less than three days. I’m using a fastferment(living up to it’s name I guess ?), I plan on leaving it for another 1 1/2 weeks before draining off the trub to move toward “secondary” for another 2 weeks and dry hop as instructions recommend. I’m hoping this batch will turn out ok. The fermenter never got above 75 degrees and I was able to get it down after fermentation slowed down.

Any help, comments, advice is much appreciated! Thanks!

Yeah it’s fermenting pretty quickly due to the increased temps. Since you know that I’ll save the low 60° bit. Other than that your plan sounds right.