Temp controller?

Hello I just wounding what temp controller you guy’s used?

What’s your set up? Since all my brew equipment has to fit in a closet of an apartment I share with my family I use a large Igloo Cooler standing on end (6.5 gallon bigmouth bubbler fits easily). In warmer weather I switch out a 2L ice bottle twice a day. It is very consistent and most of the time the ice has not melted by the time I’m switching.

I use the inkbird 308. Pretty inexpensive and works great in my chest freezer I use for a fermentation and then carbonation chamber.

Yes I use a dual ranco temperature controller with a refrigerator for my fermentation chamber

Thermostar and a419 by johnson.

I have a johnson and a docooler. Both have worked fine for 4-5 years now. The docooler was like 10 bucks off amazon, attach a cord to it and it’s ready to go.

I use a STC-1000 to control an aquarium heater and fan. 10 amp limit on these if used for compressors.

Johnson a419 on my keezer now for almost 5 years with no issues

Even with my ice swap method I can even out the high lows by filling the empty space with water bottles. I fixed the old freezer at work by sticking buckets of water in it to freeze. Up until then it only had the occasional burrito or hot pocket in it and it was too old to deal with all that empty space.

Amazon.com . I’ve used mine for over a year and it’s great. Has an alarm if the temp goes too far either way too. There is a 10 amp version that is cheaper.

I have 4 Rancos. Love that I can change the probe in case something happens. I dropped one in water and ruined it. Replaced it no problem.

I’ve got a couple from some beer caves we demo’d… Haven’t tried to employ either yet… One is a Johnson the other is a White… My job does have some benefits … Sneezles61