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Temp Controller

best bet for a 7.o cu chest freezer, originally wanted to have one mounted, but dont know if im going to do that, which would be best one for the job, and also how easy is the wiring, and is it worth it to go the DIY route or buy one ready to go, thanks

dont really have any tools that would be needed so i think the ones ready to go would be best

I used a Love Controls temperature controller, cost effective and plug and play. I’m not sure of the current model number.


All you really need is a screwdriver, wire cutters, a drill and maybe an exacto knife, to build one using one of those eBay Chinese aquarium controllers.

Even if you buy the tools, it would be cheaper than buying a ready made unit.

This kind take very little work - cutting an extension cord and using both ends -one to plug the freezer into, the other to plug into the wall… ($52.99)

a little shopping might produce a similar one pre-wired.

I went the STC-1000 route (which is commonly referred to as an aquarium temperature controller) and found it was troublesome to cut the wires, tie them together with end caps, wire the outlet, etc.

My controller was $27 shipped from China, which took about 2 weeks. I dumpster dove the rest of the materials, except for the container.

I would strongly recommend getting a controller pre-made. I would probably have paid $60 just to plug it in and have it working the same day. Tiny thing, but the Chinese temperature controller is in celcius and you need to convert to fahrenheit. Small thing, but for some it is irritating to refer to a sheet.

The downside is the digital Johnson Controllers are now more expensive- $85 now. The analog is $60.

If the freezer is for serving you don’t need a controller at all… ... ol-249612/

On the plus side, I am getting a grasp on Celsius and rarely refer to my cheat sheet…At least in the 62-68º range :mrgreen:

the stc-1000 has gone up in price as the popularity has increased. I had got mine for $15.00 including shipping just a year ago, now they are $24.00 still pretty cheap though. they are not hard to wire up and do what they are designed to do. The Celsius conversion is a PITA.

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