Temp change

I have a beer in my freezer fermenting now and I have a beer that I just put in to the keg. It is in a room at 52 degrees F and at 22PSI as per the force carbonation chart. IN a couple days I am going to put it into the freezer and bring it down to 40 Deg F. WHen I do that should I release pressure and set at the new pressure for the new temperature? Or should I just crank the pressure valve down and not purge? NOt sure how to go about this.

Always purge the keg before hooking up gas to it unless you’re certain the pressure on the low pressure guage is higher than the pressure inside the keg. If you have a higher pressure in the keg it could blow beer back into your lines. At a minimum you’ll have a mess that you may not even see if the lines are the red gas lines and could cause infection in future kegs.

22PSI at room temp seems kinda high. I assume you’re trying to quick carb it. I wouldn’t leave it like that more than 48 hours or you’ll risk overcarbing it.

I use this to determine the pressure.

According to this chart, the pressure at 62 Deg is in the neighborhood of 22 PSI

You are correct. My bad. Not sure what I was thinking but was reversing the affects of pressure as it relates to temperature.

I would just put it in the fridge, do not hook up gas yet, pull some pints after it has had a few days to sit. This way you will be able to blow some of the trub out of it wasn’t totally cleared, and when it settles down hook up yer gas and set to desired tapping pressure. Sneezles61