Teflon tape on tank to regulator?

Do you use teflon tape on the threads when connecting your CO2 tank to the regulator? I lost my gas to a leak and the only possible culprit I can find is the tank to regulator connection.

I do not. I would suspect that your nylon washer did not seat itself properly, was defective, or possibly was not tightened properly. That stinks, hope you figure it out.

I agree it’s not needed or recommended make sure you use a new washer every time you change a tank.

Thanks, guys. I have pulled everything out of the kegerator and am checking all seals with the refilled tank. So far, so good. Maybe something failed on a keg so I am pulling them out today and checking all the seals.

By the way, my taprite regulator does not use a nylon washer, rather it has a nylon seal built into the regulator. It has a warning not to use an additional washer.

This connection is sealed by a washer as someone stated.

Adding teflon tape on the threads does nothing to solve the problem as the threads are not what seals the gas connection.

Make sure the pieces are able to seal together where the washer is, that’s it. Washers can be bad, so look at it closely.

After testing every fitting (underwater or with soap, then systematically opening each valve and watching the pressure obsessively) it seems the problem had to have been a keg failure. I’ve narrowed it down to one keg. I’ll pressurize it, pour off the last of the IPA into a growler, and take it apart.

At least I learned more about kegging systems.