Tasting the british bitter, hop?

I am keeping this on my rotation. I love when tasting something good, that it hangs out a while on the pallet in between sips. I would like to play around with the hops a like. The recipe called for williamette and UK goldenings or will timing make a difference.(2oz wiilliam@60 1oz UK golden@15 and 5). Any suggestion on hops or timing.

That’s a traditional schedule for ESB. The beer should be balanced despite the ‘bitter’ description. As far as amounts- hard to tell without knowing an AA% on your bittering charge. Williamette is a good choice for bittering. And now on to UK goldings. Goldings is the type of hop. If it’s grown in East Kent, then they’re East Kent Goldings. UK goldings was essentially grown in UK, but not East Kent. I’m willing to wager that you wouldn’t taste a difference.

thanks. This is well balanced. It is a lighter in color than my brown ale.

Willamette is the American side to Fuggles, which is the English hop… Wasn’t Crystal hop English too?
Willamette… Pronounced Will… ammitt…
I enjoy me some British brews too…

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