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Tasting party

Having a Gathering of the Bros Christmas party. First ever and need input. I have alot of product collected and want to try some of it. I don’t get a chance to open alot of the bottles because by myself I wouldn’t finish the larger bottles. I’m going to open with some shrimp cocktail and a couple wits. Then move on to cheese and saison and move into the Brett beer. Next someone is bringing some sourish German meatballs so I’ll a couple sours in that slot. We are ordering a bunch of wings from a place which will be served with the pales and IPA. Not sure where the Porter should go. Maybe withe desert if we make it that far


I had a stout once that was served in a glass that had the rim dipped in chocolate fudge and crushed oreos. It was pretty tasty…should work with a porter too.

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Man, you continue to roll large! Enjoy!

Anything in the chocolate neighborhood with a stout… And works very good as finger snacks… Little mini cupcakes, double chocolate? Double chocolate brownies? I’m drooling now… Sneezles61

Too formal- I say have them all available and let folks pick what they want.
Either way, what time do you want me to show up? :wink:

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I think pairing sour-ish food with sour beer won’t be the best combination. I’d go for something with contrast, like a sour food with something really dry or crisp, or sour beer with something spicy. It’ll help bring out some of the other flavors, rather than everything tasting sour.

I Googled beer and food pairings. A bazillion resources!

Ok I’ll move the meatballs to the pales. I ll make some salty beer pretzels for the sours

I like that idea!

I could do that but most of my friends are dogs and they will just lap up the IPA and wings. Us cats are more discerning. We sniff then taste with our tongue then decide if it is worthy of more attention. Cecilia the original brewery cat taught me that. She loved a good Porter bless her soul


my cat loves IPA’s…will drink a fair amount if I don’t catch him

Well I think I’m all set for the Gathering of the Bros party and being it will be Festivus Eve anyone care to share any Festivus traditions they have. I’m sure we will be airing grievances especially if it goes long

Dont forget to stop short!!!

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