Tart IPA

Anyone making a sour IPA?

I haven’t made one, but I’ve had them at local breweries. I don’t like them when they have the hop bite of a traditional American IPA, but they do well with hop schedules similar to a NE IPA.

I would not use any bittering hops. Just WP and DH. That’s what I have in my head anyway

I think that would work well. I think I would probably avoid the earthy, piney, dank hops and work with the tropical, fruity & citrusy hops.

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My thoughts exactly. The tart should go nicely with fruit forward hops.

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Hull melon hops maybe callista any thoughts?


I need to order some hops. I made a one off using only Lublin hops was very lemony quite good, I think I’ll brew that as a sour. I’ve been playing with wlp1007 which seems to throw some lemon at the upper end of the temperature range. May use that yeast.

I recently had a DIPA dry hopped with Callista, and I thought it worked great. Very stone fruity / tropical.

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