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Tapped the Karma

This is the Karma with the oats. What a difference! The oats add another layer of flavor. Yes the oats do take away some of other dry hoppiness, but it is smooth. The head on it is nice and tight. Either could add more hops or use less oats next time. The keg did get stuck with the dry hops. I will not shack the keg any more while dry hopping. I dried hoppied 3 times and had a stuck keg once and will not happen again.


I haven’t used oats enough recently to get a good feel for their effect. Used them extensively back a few years in NEIPA’s but not much since. They were supposed to provide mouthfeel ±haze in that style.
It’s funny as an aside that Drew and Denny(of Experimental Brewing) arrive at totally different opinions on oats; Drew loves them but Denny doesn’t think they do anything, to paraphrase.

I do agree with Drew! Not sure if to add more hops or use less oats? My thought is to use a little more hops.

If you like what oats do, then I would just up the hops a half ounce or more.

thanks half once will try.:thumbsup:

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