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Tape used to seal a growler

Got some beer from the tap in a growler at a local brewery. The sealed the screw cap with some kind of black tape.

What kind of tape is that? Where to find it?

Electrical tape. Comes in a variety of colors. Home depot

Electrical tape?

I’ve used it and it works great I’m sure any plastic tape would work. Fill the growler all the way let the foam push out the top. Cap on the foam and tighten the cap and a couple wraps of electrical tape to seal it. It will stay fresh awhile. I always have some in the truck and if you get a screw cap growler from a brewery tape it up if they havnt.

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I was an electrician for 7 years… Electrical tape has many different shapes, thicknesses, colors, uses, and strengths. Scotch 33 is some of the best. Used widely as it is thin, flexible, and strong.

Oh, good to know. I already have some electrical tape :slight_smile:

In Tennessee and Georgia, by law they have to put tape on any growler that goes out of the store. Otherwise, it’s considered an open container and could get you in trouble on the drive home.


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Yeah I don’t think this does anything to “seal” a growler from a carbonation perspective; more for legal and commercial reasons.

The biggest thing I see wrong with growlers is that people just don’t tighten the caps enough. Tape’s not going to help that.

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I think Florida must also. Any of the growler fills I get there come taped. Not so in New York.

I think it helps since a cap can loosen up without it. I’ve also done temporary repairs on air hoses and tools which are blowing a lot more pressure than a beer bottle. I’ve kept growlers for weeks with the tape on. Cheap insurance anyway.

Up here we have to seal them also. Some use shrink wrap and others use a tape seal up the side over the top and down the other side too! Its only a couple inches long but proves its un opened. Another place puts them on so hard I damn near need a channel lock pliers to git them off! Sneezles61

Same on the Mississippi coast, passed through there other week and stopped at a local growler fill… Got to car and realized they had taped it.

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