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Tap faucet sticking


One of my tap faucets is sticking in between draws. Sometimes it may be a few days between uses, so I am assuming the beer is ‘gunking’ up the mechanism. I completely dis-assemble the tap between kegs and clean it, and works well when I first tap the keg, but gets progressively worse over time. Any quick fixes for this? (I thought about submersing the tap in warm water??) I thought I was not going to be able to loosen it on the pull tonight. Also, I purchased discount taps for my keezer, does this happen to more expensive units?


It won’t happen if you buy perlicks. I’ve heard if you spray the tap with starsan after a pour that it helps.

These might help, too: ... -plug.html

Thanks. Think I will try the caps/ star San method first before upgrading to Perlicks.

^This. Welcome to the joys of standard faucets. I’ve been replacing my faucets with perlicks because I’ve finally had enough of this. Even with spraying after a pull, the faucets will still stick after about a week of no use. If they’re stuck like this you can spray HOT water up the faucet, and after about 5 minutes come back and it should be free. If not, one more spray will do it.

Really happy that I started with four perlick 525s. Don’t stick and don’t drip. Well worth the extra few bucks.

I have 4 perlick 525s. Recently I have had problems with the faucets NOT shutting off after a pour. I’ve never had a problem in the past but over the course of the last 2 weeks I’ve lost 10 gallons and quite a bit of gas because the faucerts did not shut off completely. It usuaslly starts with and a small drip and somehow will gain enough momentum to open the faucet completely. Then I find myself having to push back on the handle with excessive force just to get to stop. My faucets seem tight which is why I’m not exactly sure how this is happening and I don’t think this is right. I’m wondering if there’s any way to adjust the faucet so it will shut off completely without any additional force or pressure on my part. Does anybody have any recommendations? My first five gallons was a white Belgian wheat, my second 5 gallons was a hard cider. Both faucets have had minimal use one of the two had never been used! Not sure what to do but its annoying when you spend so much time brewing and fermenting and then you lose it just because the faucet didn’t shut off. I have never had a problem in the past. I usually just run star san through my lines and faucets after each use via a recirculating pump I’ve created. I do not know if this is technically a “sticking problem” or if its just need some minor adjustments, thus, I was hoping someone could help me? Thanks?

Are they real perlicks? I’ve heard of this issue with the cheaper knockoff brand. Assuming yours are legit, I’ve noticed that my perlicks tend to slip open if the seal assembly under the handle isn’t tightened all the way. Not really a sticking issue, and it doesn’t take any extra force to shut it off, it just slowly opens back up. Disassemble, clean, and reassemble, making sure to tighten everything up works for me.

Buy Perlicks, I played the “chrome faucet” game too. Just buy them you’ll sleep better at night!

i had the same problem until getting 525’s. best thing i every did

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