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Tap-a-draught system? opinions?

Has anyone used the Tap-a-draught system? And if so, what’s your opinion on this product.

I haven’t used the tap-a-draft specifically, but have messed with the 5L stainless mini-kegs which are pretty much the same thing. I naturally carbed rather than using a cartridge and it took a cartridge (or two) to dispense each keg. The tap-a-draft costs about $70 new (that I saw) and you only get three bottles, which if you assume you can carb in a week after a 2-3 week fermentation, doesn’t yield much beer to last until the next batch is ready to bottle and carb. Might be nice to use with just a part of each batch to have beer on tap while the rest goes into regular bottles, but it won’t take the place of a real kegging rig.

I’ve been down that road save your money and buy a kegging system.

Just be patient and make an RSS feed of CL ads and watch for a couple of weeks. You’ll find something you can work with soon

Even if you start with new kegs, they will last a life time. Either the 2.5, 3 or 5 gallon ones.

Have you seen the thread on using the mini 5l kegs?


I have it. total waste of money…wanna buy mine? :wink:

Crap. I just bought one for my first 5 gal. batch. All the other reviews I saw were pretty good.

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