Tap-A-Draft owners, I have questions

[quote=“tiltrotor22”]Is the L/Min on the inside of the gauge or outside on this regulator?


0-40 L/min outside
0-100 CuFt/Hr inside


Cool, thanks.

I recently purchased the updated NB Tap A Draft System. I’m hopeful some of the leak issues I’ve read about have been corrected and are a thing of the past. I watched a good video on You Tube where a homebrewer had a 5 gallon batch that he forced carbonated one of the 6L minis and naturally carbed the other two. His results came back that it work fine both ways, similar carbonation. You had to use one CO2 to carb the beer when force carbonation was done and another CO2 to get the flow going. Naturally carbonating the beer allowed you to only use one CO2 cartridge. Force carbonating the beer also allowed him to enjoy the beer in 1 week rather than the 2 when doing it naturally. Has anyone seen a real need to carb the beer one way or another? Are the newer TAD Systems, similar to the one I purchased, better prepared to avoid the leaks and headaches that others have faced? I am concerned as I do allow some of my brews to condition for an extended period of time which is taken away somewhat when you force carb. I also worry about naturally carbonation and then having it sit conditionint for an extended period of time. It seems as though that would leave you open to leaks. Any options are appreciated!

A friend of mine recently pointed this out to me. The beginning of the thread was asking about the problems associated with the system. Nobody seemed to respond to those concerns. Does this mean everyone using it is quite happy with it?

What is the circumference of the bottles?

I’m quite intrigued!!!


How can you naturally carbonate these when you only have the 1 tap? Quickly change the cap out and fix it with the CO2 cartridge?

rodwha, you can leave the tap attached. You simply unscrew the compartment where the CO2 is kept, replace the cartridge, and screw it back in. This has been a little frustrating for me. I purchased these because I was excited for a cheap, beginner alternative to kegging. I have yet to use the system. However, I’ve not seen a great deal of issue people have had with leaks early on. I’ve also been confused as I’ve seen videos where a homebrewing claims to force carbonate using a total of 2 CO2 cartridges, then the next video I watched claims you must use up to 6 cartridges. My head is spinning at this point. Like most homebrewers, my fear is wasting money and time putting my homebrew in the TAD System and having it not come out well. I guess I’m still researching the best way to use the system to maximize my success.

Similar to what you pointed out, there doesn’t seem to be the complaints now that NB has updated the caps and limited the leak issue.

If you naturally carbonate the other bottles how do you add the tap?
I’m guessing you just bump it up a bit with the CO2 cylinder?
Another thing I don’t care for is that they claim the bottles only last 8-10 times. The bottles cost $9 + any fees. Not terrible considering its roughly a dollar a use, but why do they deteriorate so quickly?

Were I to get into this system I’d need several! Who wants just one beer on tap? I have about 10 six packs in my fridge of about 7 different beers. I like for them to sit a week before I pop one open. Sometimes I find places to stash more beer also! I figure I’d need 3 or more of them…

I also would look into larger CO2 cylinders.

If when the CO2 cylinders got cold the pressure dropped significantly how does this work in the cold fridge?

I have had very good results using the tap-a-draft system. I have 6 bottles and 2 taps.
I normally naturally carbonate the beer in the tap-a-draft bottles and have not had a leak yet.
I force carbed a couple bottles and it worked great.
I also purchased the regulator and paintball co2 tank setup and the paintball tank adapter set comes with a carbonating cap. If you chill the beer for a day then it only takes minutes to force carb a bottle. I still don’t understand why they say to replace the bottles after so many uses.
I think they say that to sell more bottles. I have seen no reason to replace them and if you keep them clean and take care of them they should last for years.
Don’t listen to the video about using 6 co2 cartridges. It really only needs 2. One to force carb and 1 to pour beer. Just make sure the beer is very cold. Add 1 cartridge. Throughout the day shake the bottle for a minute or so to mix in the co2. After a couple days the bottle will be squishy. At this point you know the beer absorbed the co2 and its safe to replace the cartridge and pour a beer.

I suppose I’m sold… Just need to look into the better CO2 setup. I’ll still bottle some. Gonna need several of these though!

Anything proven not to work?

I can’t seem to find it on northern brewer, but i bought this awesome stainless steel 32MM ball lock adaptor that screws right on the Tap A Draft bottles and lets me force carbonate my split mini batches from my CO2 manifold in my keezer.

http://www.williamsbrewing.com/32MM-STA ... P3695.aspx

Love it!