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Tannins and what to do about them

I’m having trouble with my Belgian triple that I barrel aged. I want it to be good and it seems like there is a good beer hidden behind the tannin taste. I’ve pulled it off line a couple times and it doesn’t seem to want to clear. I’m going to try freezing it. Any other ideas. It’s very cloudy

Tannins from the barrel? I’ve not heard of any ways to remove tannins… Maybe by filtration… Sneezles61

Gelatin, isinglass or polyclar. Time. Krausening? All things I saw suggested. Gelatin seemed to be the most mentioned.

Yes tannins from the oak barrel. In some me like my my dopplebock I tasted it or actually felt it on my tongue but after lagering and time it became Chrystal clear and developed into a beautiful beer. This triple is very cloudy I feel if I can get it cleaned up it will be good. I put it in the freezer. If that doesn’t work I’ll try the gelatin

Then go to cold aging… And perhaps let it sit in the fridge til Christmas… Sneezles61

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