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Talking about embarrassing

Since we’re on the subject last brew I did seemed to take a long time to chill with my immersion chiller. It went faster after I turned off the burner. Oops.


From my experience,
Mashing/Sparging works better with a false bottom…
Oops for me.

I’ve had many oops. Ball valves left open. Forgetting water additions. Not having yeast when brewing. :wink:

Edited: I really could go on…

Loopie, you’ve a brew pub to open… no time for chatting! :grin: Sneezles61

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Like I would tell my workers. " Anyone can make a mistake a good worker can fix them"

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And before you bottle, highly recommend you make sure the beer is fully fermented. I still come across remnants of the exploding beer bottle graveyard while doing yardwork.

That’s always an issue when working with fruit. For me anyway

AND, if you don’t make mistakes… well, you aint doing a dang thing… Now get busy!! :fearful: Sneezles61


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