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Tabletop Propane Burner

My dad and I just moved in to a new house and I am now starting to set up my brewing equipment in the garage. I want to buy a tabletop propane burner so if I decide to do a gallon batch of beer, I can do it in the garage and not run the risk of ruining the new kitchen. A few features I am looking for are a burner that can be hooked up to a propane tank used for a grill and a compact size that will not take up a lot of space when it’s being used or when it’s being stored and not very expressive. Any suggestion?

Be very careful using propane in your garage. The type burner you’re talking about is usually meant for outside use. If I were going to use one in my garage, it would be right in the doorway with the garage door wide open. Carbon monoxide is no joke. For one gallon batches, you’d be much safer using an electric hot plate.



For a one gallon batches get a Coleman camp stove you can buy an adapter gas line with regulator. Your pot can span both burners

Brings back memories… When I had what was a turkey fryer up on a table top… My wife would just cringe… Wondering when that was going to tip over…
Now to your pondering… If or when, please switch to an electric brewery… You’ll be so thankful for that… No CO concerns… Having to buy gas… All that heat generated from the burner…

Please see this post

You might consider one of the small, lightweight, single burner butane stoves. These still have the issues of CO if you’re using it in your garage. I used this for a 5 gallon extract brew and it worked great. As below I left the garage door open during the boil.

As with anything it comes down to common sense and following basic safety guidelines. I personally use a propane Camp Chef high pressure burner for mashing and the boil of my BIAB. When I brew, I brew in the garage/driveway. I place the burner just outside the garage door in the driveway with the propane tank sitting outside of the garage as far as the hose will allow (keep in mind the high pressure stoves have very short hoses). I leave the garage wide open (during mash and boil) and of course stay with it for the entire time. Once I’m finished with this part of the brew process or don’t have the flame on, I turn it off at the propane tank in addition to the stove on/off controls. Once I’m done I disconnect it, and store it in the outdoor shed that is well ventilated.

I’m curious @sneezles61, how many watts do the electric brewing systems use?

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Mine is a 5500 watt element… 220 volt… My controller is displayed as percentage… Once I’m mashed in, 13.5 gallons, controller will maintain the low temps at 12% power…

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