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T Shirt Deals?

Looking for deals and promotions on shirts and ran across this site that just launched.

Looks different from a lot of the other shirt sites for homebrewers out there.

Full disclaimer- ThunderGunderson’s registered email is the contact email for the website.

Please don’t come across with any pretenses. We’re all here for beer. If you want to promote your shirts dude, go for it.

Cheers mate.

Nice catch. I am more hesitant to buy a product when the owner tries this crap.

I agree. Just come out and say I started a tee shirt line that you may like.

-From the web site… That’s awesome! all the way since late 2013.

Although I think you may have gotten the order wrong on the hashtag shirt. I would swap the bottom 2. If you think about it, having #drink at the bottom seems sad. Having it in the middle seems like an awesome Saturday.

And sorry about belaboring the point any further: Generally when I see obviously spam posts, I don’t even give it a second glance. You had zero chance of getting me to even follow your link until rsodman and Loopie Beer posted. If your post had read, “Hey I’m trying to make a go of this, let me know if you’re interested…” I would have been there yesterday. I hope you didn’t actually pay for that marketing advice.

Not to pile on…but +1.

I didn’t even look at your thread because of the wording. It just looked like spam.

If you had said, hey guys…trying to start a t shirt company, check it out, I would have.

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