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T-58 question

Getting ready to brew NB’s petite saison d’ete tomorrow. Plan on using t-58 dry yeast. I’ll rehydrate before pitching.

Does anybody have any good advice as to what I can expect from this yeast at certain ferm temps? Or just your preferred temp with this yeast. I like the peppery, belgian type flavors but just have no clue as to what different temps will do. Thanks for any thoughts.


I have had mix results with T-58 Yeast. I used it in a belgian pale ale fermented around 62 and got some bannana/clove flavors from it. Used it in belgian saison and kept temp at 70 and got the peppery flavor. Also used it in a irish red and kept temps around 65 and was best temp i found for this yeast and flavors it can produce.

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