Sweetwater Brewing's 420 EPA

I know that it is now at least 15 years since its introduction, but I happened to be in the Atlanta airport for a few hours to kill and enjoyed this local brew. A first time try for me and I can see why it has such a loyal following. Oddly, however, it says it is modeled after the west coast ales - but it isn’t nearly as hoppy as that description would suggest - maybe a middle ground between an English Pale and a west coast pale ale.

Anyone out there feel likewise or differently?


Lovely beer. I know it is heavy on the Cascades. But overall it is a perfect “Atlanta Pale Ale.” Not too bitter at all but good and floral in the nose. Pretty dry too.

Newbie with a super late reply!

Sweetwater 420 is a regular staple in my fridge!

And their IPA is not bad either, may be a little “fruity” for some, but both excellent beers!

I have been a fan of Sweetwater Brewing for about 8 years now, and as mentioned in other posts, their tour is NOT to be missed when visiting Atlanta1

If you are passing through the Atlanta Airport, and have a little time to kill between flights, inquire as to which concourse their pubs are located on, and snag a tall, cold draft 420…You’ll LOVE it!

I tried the Sweetwater IPA while visiting Nashville. Great beer. Hope they make it up the East Coast soon.