Sweet Mead Yeast Question

Hi all,
I have a question regarding my batch. This is my first batch using White Labs Sweet Mead Yeast…and am off to a VERY slow start, in fact it’s not showing activity in the airlock (after 4 days). Here’s the recipe:

for 5 Gallons-
12# Blackberry Honey
1 vial White Labs Sweet Mead Yeast (at room temp)
1/2tsp Energizer
2tsp Nutrient
Water to make 5 gallons

It’s doing it’s primary in a fermenting bucket (first time using one). It’s sitting in my laundry room @ 70degrees.

I’ve talked to the local brewery store gentlemen who said not to worry, but I wanted to post here for a little more feedback.

Thanks in advance!

Co2 could be leaking from the lid causing the air lock to not to bubble.

That was my initial guess. Should I be concerned given that it’s the primary?

Actually, you need a hydrometer reading to tell anything at all. I’ve have mead finish fermenting in a week never make a single bubble in the airlock due to a leaky bucket lid. Hydrometer is the best money I ever spent on equipment.

Thanks! I’m going to take a reading at one-week. Not really sold on the bucket, however, it is a lot easier as a primary.