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Swamp Cooler version

Made a version of a swamp cooler today (minus the tub of water). First time using one. Today was cool outside. As a result my a/c wasn’t running. As a result of that my basement wasn’t as cool. As a result of THAT my batch of Tangerine Ravine warmed to 74 degrees. Day 2 of vigorous fermentation. I wasn’t worried about it going much higher but it was near the max of 75 for US-05. I set up a small fan, put a towel under the carboy, and every couple hours I’d pour water on the t-shirt. Enough to soak it. In 4 hours it dropped from 74 to 68. Success.


Nicely color coordinated.


Fermentation is exothermic (produces heat). It becomes cyclical. Fermentation produces heat which makes the yeast become more active which produces more heat causing the yeast to go into hyperdrive. Good catch and solution. I would look into better fermentation control as this is the most important part of brewing, IMHO.

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