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Swamp Cooler - Use Immediately, or after ferm starts?

I am making NB’s Black IPA Extract Kit. I’m 28 minutes into the boil now. I usually ferment in my basement. In the mid-upper 60s.

I’d like to try to keep the fermentation down. Using Am. Ale II (1272).

Should I try to keep ferm temps in the low/mid 60s from the start, or wait until fermenation gets rolling first?

start in the low 60’s and keep it below 66 if possible. you will like the results

Thank you.

Most ale strains really benefit from low to mid 60’s fermentation temp. 60-66 is my preferred range. I usually try to keep it r 62-63 for the first week. then let it warm to the high 60’s until i bottle

Unless you are able to stare at the fermenter until the temp rises, keep it cold from the start.

You don’t want to come home from work and see the beer sitting at 75*.

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