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Surly Rally beer with 1007, can I rouse yeast 2 weeks later?

Hi All,
I have the Surly Rally beer here, it’s been 2 weeks now, and it’s still not finished fermenting.

here’s what I did:
2 liter starter of German Ale 1007, OG = 1.065
8 days in cold basement, then G = 1.035

I moved to warmer upstairs, low 60*s and ROUSED yeast,
5 more days later (almost 2 weeks total) and G = 1.020

the goal FG = 1.008.

SO… what next?

  1. just let it continue to ferment?
  2. ROUSE yeast again?
  3. keep at low 60*s or warmer?

much to my surprise, it tastes wonderful; tangy, malty, very smooth.

thanks for any thoughts.

Since you are two weeks now I would let the temperature rise to the upper 60°F degree range. Rousing the yeast is of dubious value. When the temperature is right and there are fermentables for the yeast to work on, they will do it without help. WY 1007 is a low flocculating yeast. The yeast will remain in suspension unless it is cold crashed for a few days. Check the SG with a hydrometer in another week.

Your description makes it sound like it is coming along very well.


thank you.

I just moved it by the heat vent, will be mid 60*s there.

it’s still bubbling in airlock every 25 seconds.

I go on vacation March 1-9, so can check before and after that.

Hi again,
just checked gravity again.

1.015 after a month.

1007 German ale yeast, OG 1.065
for 3 weeks now it’s been mid 60*s temp.

it’s incredibly tasty, clear, malty, tangy, oaky…and a teeny bit sour, in a good way.

I’d like to lager it for another week or 2 before I keg it

The folks at Surly recommended a FG of 1.008, but I wonder if that depends on the yeast?


thanks much.

one more note here.

1007 attenuates at 73-77%

1.065 to 1.015 is 76.92% attenuated, so maybe it is finished?!

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Might be… give it another week and take another gravity reading. Acidic wort can take awhile to ferment, so instead of a few days give it a week or so and check again. Same gravity reading, then you can consider it done.

thanks, will do.
then I may consider dry hopping with Warrior, the bittering hop they used (though a low IBU beer)

Expectation of 1.008 is unreasonable. This yeast can’t take it that far. I would have expected about 1.014. So I think it’s done or within 0.001 of being done. I agree with waiting just a few more days then it should be done. If gravity stops changing, that’s how you’ll know.

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