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Surly Darkness

My mom picked me up 2 bottles of Surly Darkness from Andys in Rochester. I’ve been wanting to try it for a looooong time…worth the hype?

Open the bottle ….drink it….and make up your own mind. :slight_smile:

Is it good, yes…is it worth $20-$23 a bottle….no, not IMO. I do buy 2 bottles a year though…I’m stupid.

Drink one so you know what to expect. It’s a Russian imperial stout so nothing too special but it is done really well and super smooth. Save the second bottle for as long as you can. Set it and forget it and thank yourself later.

If you buy beer that cost that much the best thing you can do is drink it. From my point of view, I brew for a microbrewery in manchester. The worst thing I can imagine is someone buying my beers and not opening them and enjoying them.

Did you open it ?

Was it worth the hype ?

Chris Kay


Nope, still have to pick them up, but will definitely be drinking one right away and saving the other one for a year or two. I’m sure it will be great, just wondering if anyone has tried it is all.

want to see if it is hype…drink it blindly with a bunch of other RIS… pick out the best

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