Surly Bender Fermentation Temp

I am planning on brewing the Surly Bender clone kit today I will be using White Labs Dry English Ale Yeast WLP007 instead of the Wyeast (already have a starter made) because it is supposed to be what Surly uses and I am trying to get as close as possible to the original.

Anyways my question is: What fermentation temp should I shoot for? The kit says 63-75 but that is with the Wyeast. The White Labs Vial recommends 70-75.

This is also my first Partial Mash and I am excited to try something new


I did it with 007 and fermented at ~67 degrees. Mine was all grain but I doubt that will change fermentation at all, turned out to be a great beer. Drank half as it was and added cold brewed coffee to the other half to make some Coffee Bender.

Thanks, Flip, that is what I wanted to hear. My house is colder than I expected when I planned this brew last week but 67 shouldn’t be a problem


I did Surly Bender with WL English Dry with an ambient temp of 62F. Fermentation temps hit 66F. Was my best all grain batch to date (I mostly brew extract). I have this kit on deck right now and it’s soon to be the first all grain recipe that I repeat.