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Surly Abrasive recipe

Last spring I saw a thread with a Surly Abrasive recipe. I have not been able to find that thread using the search function. Anyone have any good abrasive clone recipes?


here you go.

I have a batch in the fermenter right now.

OG was 1.086 this time around.

In a few more weeks I’ll get it kegged and tasting.

Good Luck


thanks for the link

Thanks for posting the recipe. I hope to brew it next week. Hopefully I can salvage some to the harvested yeast, although I’m not sure how well the harvested yeast will perform if the OG is 1.086.

I’ve been wanting to brew Duder’s clone for a long time, and now I’m finally getting around to it. I will be brewing a Surly Furious clone first to grow up some yeast, and then going for the Abrasive. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.

El Capitan,
Do you have the recipe for the Furious clone?
I can’t find the hop schedule. I think the NB site list it as furious blend for the dry hop.

Furious dry hop blend is
5 oz Simcoe
2.5 oz Ahtanum
0.5 oz Warrior
0.5 oz Amarillo

Just took a gravity reading on this beer. Brewed on 9/18/12.

Started at Brix = 21.3 and has moved to Brix = 11.0 :smiley:

I guess that 2L to 4L starter really did the trick!

I’m going to give it another week before I dry hop for 7 ~10 days with 4 oz Citra pellets. Then I’ll keg it up.

Good Luck

Yep, Barliman beat me to it on the dry-hop blend. I’m not too concerned with having an exact clone of furious, so I’m going for the “homegrown hack” and an alternate hopping schedule.

0.5 Amarillo, FWH
1.75 Warrior, 60
2 Centennial, 0
5 Chinook, Dry
2.5 Cascade, Dry
0.5 Amarillo, Dry
0.5 Warrior, Dry

I’m keeping NB’s malt bill the same, and I think I’ll still end up with a very nice beer. The Cents, Cascade, and Chinook are all homegrown.

I made the recipe below and thought it to be right on the mark with a side by side comparison. Maybe a bit more alcohol presence but OG/FG were right on the mark. Also, the brewers crystals can be bought but I didn’t use them. Surley uses WLP 007 as their house strain as noted in some of NB’s early recipe notes for their Furious recipe. Surley uses the golden naked oats in their Bender recipe so my guess is that only GNO is used in Abrasive. I’d go all GNO next time around.

10.5 canada malting pale
4.5 simpsons golden promise
2.0 oat malt
0.5 C40
0.5 carapils
0.5 golden naked oats


OG/FG/ 1.082/1.016/

1.0 citra whole FWH
2.25 warrior pellet 60 16.7% AA
1.0 citra whole 5
1.0 citra whole 2
1.0 citra whole 0

2.0 citra whole dry
0.5 warrior pellet dry

I agree with you on the GNO usage. Last time I was brewing this, I was unable to order any OR buy any at my LBS. So… I had to go with Oat malt. Makes complete sense to me that they would use something already in the brewery.

Good Luck

How much of an efficiency drop is everyone experiencing when brewing this? I have 2011 Citra hops to make it. Man Citra in bulk is in high demand. :evil: I’m looking forward to it, even though I can’t get Abrasive here.

I just brewed this and hit 62.5% efficiency. I ended up capping the mash with another 7 lb of 2-row and 1 lb of C-20, letting it rest for another hour, then running off another 7 gallons of wort for a nice IPA @ 1.060.

Worked pretty well for my first partigyle. Also, since the Abrasive calls for 3 oz Citra at 1 min, I reused them as FWH for my partigyle IPA, letting them steep while the second batch came up to a boil. Then I dumped them out and added my 60 min addition.

Sounds cool, I’ve never done a partigyle. This sure would be a good candidate. I some how managed 72% on this today and was the first time I got my HERMS and recirculation working the way I wanted. Looking forward to how it ends up. Thanks for the info

Anybody got a good “how too” beer bread recipe from spent grains? The wife and I love dark beers and bread.

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