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Surly Abrasive Clone

So my most recent brew I did was an attempt at a Surly Abrasive clone. I really like Abrasive and think it tastes great, not abrasive at all just pure tasty wonderfulness. So Surly lists on their website the ingredients they use, but not any percentages or other specifics. I used that info and used beeersmith to try and get a recipe that was close, but I accept it likely will taste different but just going for something close. There was already a clone recipe listed on beersmith so I took that into account but make some changes. here is what surly says;

And this is my recipe

Fermentation is 3 1/2 weeks in and I just took a gravity reading. Its at 1.012, and it seriously tasted very similar. Still have yet to dry hop. Instead of English ale yeast I used American II 1272. I have been making a video of my whole process that I will post when its finished

Nice recipe. Have you considered Crystal 40 and Golden Naked Oats?

I brewed Duder’s clone as detailed in this thread
. It was not exactly Abrasive, but I tasted the two beers about 20 minutes apart so was able to do a rough comparison. Actually, I thought last year’s commercial Abrasive was pretty catty. Mine was definitely a mighty close approximation but more balanced hopwise.

You might check with Duder to see if he’s refined this any more since then. :cheers:

Here is one that is “supposed” to be pretty darn close…Brew it and let us know.

Here is the recipe for 5.5 gallons, keep in mind these amounts are based on the exact percentages of each of the ingredients provided by Surly’s head brewer.

Mash: 90 min at 147 degrees, batch sparge. Pre boil volume of about 8.75 gallons. Boil for 60 minutes. Use whirlfloc and yeast nutrient at 15 min. OG 19.5p, =1.079, FG should get to 2.5p = 1.009

6.15 lbs. of 2-row
5 lbs. Golden Promise
1.63 lbs, flaked oats
1.15 lbs. crystal 40L
.85 lb. Brewers crystals (added at 45 min.into boil).

For the brewers crystals, in beersmith I subbed with light dme to figure out the impact on gravity.

Mash : .25 oz. Citra
Boil: 2.63 oz. Warrior
Whirlpool: 1.76 oz. Citra
Dry hops (5 days): 6.5 oz Citra

For the whirlpool, I chilled the wort to about 145 degrees, then added the hops and got a nice fast whirlpool going, covered and let sit for about 45 minutes without the chiller, the chilled the rest of the way.

Yeast: WLP007. I made a 2 litre starter on a stirplate for 18 hours, then put in the fridge for 24 hours, decanted and pitched at 68 degrees. An even bigger starter wouldn’t hurt. Try to keep ferm temp as close to 66 degrees as possible.

The first few weeks in the keg it was delicious and kind of in the ballpark, but after about 3-4 weeks in the keg, this thing is finally perfect. Color, aroma, and taste are identical to the real thing. I had a can left to compare with. I will try to post a side by side pic soon. The overwhelming fruity/oniony/piny aroma finally developed after cold conditioning, so do yourself a favor and let this thing sit in the keezer for at least three weeks after kegging to let it do its thing, resist the urge to drink a bunch before then, you won’t be disappointed, i promise! Cheers!

I am new to the game and certainly curious. Abrasive is one of my favorite beers and it begs the question of how close can we get abrasive with an extract recipe. Partial/mini mash at the most but all grain isn’t an option for me at this time.

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